Katerina Atapina

Katerina Atapina is a creative artist. Throughout five University years studying Visual Art and Teaching ,and her study of Graphic Design (Image and Corporate Design) during a four-year program at George Brown College she has expertise in teaching Art ,Image Design and preparing students for Regional Art schools and Colleges , and Universities.


- Teaching art and design classes
- Extensive experience in the image art and design for your home, books illustration, print and web
- Visionary, creative, strategic and conceptual thinker who will help you to choose a painting for your house or office
- Skillful and passionate to drive creative ideas from concept to execution
- Freelance photographer (elaborate sets, apparel, weddings and more types of products). Photographing people and beautiful places have always been her passion. Weddings were the perfect fit for her love of shooting new and different situations. She enjoys the process of working with images to create life-long and timeless memories.

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