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Acrylic Workshop, Watercolor Workshop , Sculpture Workshop(clay) $50 - two hours workshops, materials included for additional $10, Small groups , no more than 6 participants. 50% off till December. Our promotional price $30 ( 2 hours art +materials)

( call for more information 416 833 8939)

Acrylic-paint your own canvas Workshop This program was developed to archive the best art results at two hour time and paint your own canvas, learn painting with Acrylic paint .During those 2 hours we study different aspects about art:composition, perspective, value, pattern, shape, colour,contrast and how to paint with acrylic. Demonstrations and induvidual help will enable you to create Acrylic painting. Emphasis will be on acrylic layering and using paint as a transparent, translucent and opaque water medium. Materials include your own canvas , paint, paintbrushes , pallet knifes ,references.If you have always wanted to boost your creative self or recharge your artistic inspiration this workshop is for you. We will study acrylic layering and using paint as a transparent, translucent and opaque water medium.

Watercolor Workshop Expand your creative limits, as you learn new and experimental ways of expressing yourself with water based watercolour paints and experimental techniques. There will be continual demonstrations on how to achieve line, depth and texture in your work. Finishing techniques will be introduced and demonstrated. I want to inspire confidence and leave you fired up and excited to paint.We will study .Washes,glazing, wet in wet,dry brush,dropping color techniques will be demostrated

Sculpture workshop(clay)I believe art is a wonderful form of communication; sculpture can communicate values and messages from the past to act as a foundation for the future. Katerina will show you how to use clay to spark the pilot light of our imaginations and memories. These rekindled memories of our childhood or your toys or animals or dolls. We will use water-based clay so the students can have their sculptures fired in a kiln. This workshop will introduce you clay sculpture and discuss the creative process and determine your goals


  • Adult workshop
  • Girls time
  • Birthday workshop
  • Paint with your child( each creates work on separate canvas)
  • Workshop for children
  • Portfolio preparation workshop



The Workshop is for adults and is based on an individual level and desires of a student. It helps to create art and enjoy the process, learn and discover completely new harmony and excitement from making your dreams come true. Create your acrylic painting! The Course is perfect for people who want to create an art work that will reflect their thoughts and bring joy to people looking at it.



This program was developed according to the demand of parents and students. We have a lot of parents and students who are interested in spending quality time together and learning how to paint with acrylic professional way. Participants are challenged to create art works that reflect their own ideas and at the same time done on professional level.



This program was developed to help students to locate themselves within the world of art. Each 2 hours of group lessons lesson used to create an art work for your portfolio and to discuss your portfolio and direction.This is ideal for maximum personal attention to develop your art, (whether as a total beginner or as a more advanced student), and also for advice on a career in art. Participants are challenged to create art works that reflect their own ideas and at the same time meet today's College and university standards.
  • Junior Portfolio preparation
  • Art Portfolio preparation
  • Design Portfolio preparation


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Creating art provides joy to the artist. Visit us at 7751 Yonge St. ( Art school is inside Victoria Ballet building). You and your child will be thrilled with our individual approach to each student. Most of the students study classical art, sculpture, painting, design and drawing.