Summer Art program

This program was developed to help students to archive the best art results, learn painting with Acrylic paint, Watercolours,oil,drawing.Each lesson is we study different aspects about art:composition, perspective, value, pattern, shape, colour,contrast. students create art works from still life compositions, paint or draw the same staff as I demonstrate, learn techniques during coping masters work and draw or paint their own dreams and ideas. during Summer program students creates works on canvases that will be great for their room,nice present, and just enjoyable to create. Older students can choose specialization or take intense HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT COURSE or PORTFOLIO PREPARATION COURSE.
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Mixed media
  • Sculpture
Summer Art program Summer Art program

Adult Classes

Design program Design program

The Course for adults is based on an individual level and desires of a student. It helps to create art and enjoy the process, learn and discover completely new harmony and excitement from making your dreams come true. Private or group art classes and workshops are available at our studio or at your place. Create your acrylic,oil or watercolour painting! Learn colour concepts,composition rules and how to make an illustration, abstract painting and Mixed Media , New Acrylic and special Art of Encaustic Painting: Medium of Pigmented Wax painting, Batik. The Course is perfect for people who want to create an art work that will reflect their thoughts and bring joy to people looking at it.

Design program

Design program Design program

This program was developed according to the demand of students. We have a lot of students who are interested in developing their own comic books , animation, illustration and learning how to write storyline and draw their own characters in a professional way. Some students also study fashion design, Batik and Leather work. Participants are challenged to create art works that reflect their own ideas and at the same time meet today's industry standards.
  • Illustration
  • Cartooning
  • Image Design
  • 3-D Character Modeling
  • Fashion design


Regular classes from September 4
Tue., Wed., Th., Fr. - 4pm - 8pm
Sat. - 9am - 4pm

Adult classes
Wed. - 10am - 2pm
Other time available by appointment

Portfolio preparation
Wed. - 5pm - 8pm
Fri. - 5pm - 8pm


Summer Intense Art Workshops for kids only with personal approach to each participant in small groups 2 -6 people. Our workshop price is $30 per workshop (with materials ). Intense 2 hour workshop ( acrylic, watercolour, drawing and sculpture) - by appointment


  • Create fun and art and fashion activities
  • Students will be painting, drawing, composition
  • Exploration of your creativity and theatre abilities
  • Exhibition preparation



This program was developed to help students to see benefits of teaching profession and work with kids. Exhibition preparation.
  • 2-5 hours per day
  • Create fun and creative examples
  • Help students with painting, drawing, composition
  • Exploration of your creativity and teaching abilities
  • Exhibition preparation


This program was developed to help students to locate themselves within the world of art. This is ideal for maximum personal attention to develop your art, (whether as a total beginner or as a more advanced student), and also for advice on a career in art. Participants are challenged to create art works that reflect their own ideas and at the same time meet today's College and university standards.
  • 2-5 hours art lessons per day
  • Junior Portfolio preparation
  • Art Portfolio preparation
  • Design Portfolio preparation
  • Exhibition preparation


The Art Counsellor in Training Program is designed for youth from 10 to 17 years, hoping to one day become a camp counsellor. The program is a training program takes place over July and/or August, with art lessons and actual art assistant teacher duties. During the program, trainees will be trained in all aspects of camp life and art studio life, the role of the counsellor,and art teacher assistant, working with children, animation, the planning of activities, creativity, safety, coworker relations, etc. Over the course of the program trainee will take on responsibilities around studio and will complete the program with a references for placement ,community thousands excellent experience. The training program is also an exciting experience in working with kids and meeting others! Alongside peers with similar interests, trainees will have the chance to develop their personal leadership, their creativity, and their animation skills. After the completion of the program, trainees receive a certificate from Art School. This training is considered a major asset for many camps, schools ,and studios including Our Art School in hiring teacher assistants and counsellors.
  • 3-5 hours art lessons per day
  • Training on location
  • Portfolio preparation
  • Fun and active program
  • High school community hours

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Creating art provides joy to the artist. Visit us at 55 Glen Cameron Rd, Unit 201, Thornhill, L3T 5W2. You and your child will be thrilled with our individual approach to each student. Most of the students study classical art, sculpture, painting, design and drawing.